IFG’s Asset Management business is focused on global private investment opportunities in the broad Real Assets sector, excluding Real Estate. The Firm offers specialized fund-of-funds, customized solutions, co-investment vehicles and direct investments in energy, infrastructure, metals & mining, timber and agriculture. We provide our asset management clients with a variety of means to optimize their Real Assets allocation, achieving either broad diversification or a more focused approach.

Investment Philosophy

IFG seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors, leveraging nearly 10 years of specialization in the Real Assets Private Equity sector and over 170 years of collective investment banking experience with leading global Wall Street firms. IFG strives to create high-alpha Real Assets Investment solutions, while maintaining an exceptional focus on transparency and risk management, and a strong commitment to responsible investing.

Investment Approach and Process

We pursue investments within the diversified Real Assets sector to capitalize on the exceptional long-term global macro trends such as the North American shale energy revolution; large global infrastructure development needs; global population growth and the continuing development of emerging markets.

IFG’s investment process is designed to take advantage of its substantial knowledge of the broad Real Assets markets, as well as the deep investment banking and private equity investment experience of its senior team members. A top-down strategy is used to identify investment opportunities and high quality managers, with an objective of building a highly diversified Real Assets allocation. We also pursue selective co-investment and direct investment opportunities to add alpha to our clients’ portfolios, and will selectively pursue the acquisition of secondary Real Assets private equity interests, where we have a sourcing and due diligence edge. We favor exceptionally talented managers with deep specific industry specialization and ones committed to reasonably-sized, capacity constrained funds.

IFG’s investment process incorporates multiple levels of reviews that address all aspects of the investment decision making process, from idea generation to the performance reporting on the Underlying Managers and individual portfolio investments. Detailed investment and operational due diligence is performed at various levels of the investment process and all commitments require the unanimous approval of the IFG Investment Committee, which embodies relevant combined experience exceeding 170 years.

Investment Programs

Real Assets Fund-of-Funds

IFG Capital seeks to leverage its relationships with leading specialist managers to create fully diversified private equity Real Assets fund-of-funds. Allocations are made across the full spectrum of the global Real Assets universe, excluding real estate. IFG also structures a significant co-investment allocation to add alpha to the portfolio, and will selectively pursue opportunities to purchase Real Assets interests in the secondary market. Investment opportunities are focused on: Energy (upstream, midstream, services and independent power); Infrastructure; Mining & Minerals; Timber and Agriculture.

Customized Solutions

For qualifying investors, IFG Capital will create customized solutions through targeted allocations to specific Real Assets sub-sectors or through a specific investment strategy.


IFG Capital will establish stand-alone co-investment vehicles to capitalize on the expected investment flow from both Underlying Managers and other broader global Real Assets manager relationships of the Firm.

Direct Investments

IFG, through its Advisory/Merchant Banking activities in the Real Assets sector, generates a regular flow of direct private investment opportunities which may be of interest to our Asset Management clients. In certain instances, IFG may establish special purpose vehicles on behalf of its clients to pursue direct investment opportunities.

For more information, please contact Tom Boova at (212) 381-0635 or tboova@ifgcap.com