• Oil & Natural Gas

    The Shale Revolution has created surging North American production of shale natural gas and tight oil.

  • Changing Power Market Dynamics

    The North American power market is being dramatically transformed with increased use of natural gas and growing renewable power sources.

  • Energy Infrastructure

    According to the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation (INGAA), over $640 billion is expected to be spent in new North American energy infrastructure through 2035.

  • Transportation & Logistics

    Surging unconventional oil production is creating large opportunities in transportation and storage logistics.

  • U.S. Manufacturing

    According to the American Chemistry Council, nearly $120 billion has been announced in new investment in U.S. petrochemical facilities and other energy-intensive manufacturing projects.

  • Infrastructure

    According to the McKinsey Global Institute, nearly $60 trillion is needed for new global infrastructure through 2030, with a public funding gap approaching $25 trillion.