Strategic Advisory

Immediate business support.

IFG’s strategic approach allows for immediate
action based on clearly defined needs of business and lenders.

Our Strategic Advisory Philosophy

Business cycles have downsides and while the goal of every business is to remain strong and healthy that isn’t always possible. IFG helps business stakeholders navigate turnaround and restructuring processes to establish the best path to the most positive outcome. IFG will assess the root causes of distress and support the company management team to implement immediate solutions to preserve value and return to sustained growth. If required, IFG will guide the company through complex issues such as bankruptcy and liquidation.

Areas of Focus

Turnaround strategy development and execution

Strategic plan analysis and development

Negotiations with interested parties

Liquidity enhancement initiatives

Capital structure optimization

Contingency planning

Lender advisory services

Debt and Equity financing

Business valuation services

Bankruptcy-related services

IFG's strategic advisory approach has four phases with clear action items that can be further refined with management and lender teams.​

Preparation Phase

Phase one calls for the company management team to meet with IFG representatives to set the stage through a deep due diligence process establishing what the company’s wants and needs are. In this phase the company and IFG will gather initial data and align on priorities to prepare for next steps.

Assessment Phase

Phase two allows for the company management team and IFG to assess the full potential of the company based on current strategy, operations, and finance. Together the company and IFG will define the full potential of the company’s operations and set reasonable goals and KPIs with established timeframes. IFG will assist in designing the required steps and support company governance and align leadership within the organization.

Execution Phase

Phase three allows for the execution of the developed strategic business plan and to begin tracking KPIs. IFG will provide support in the disciplined execution of a well-defined strategic plan, encouraging leaders and enabling the broader organization to build new capabilities and work together and with customers in new ways. IFG will remain active in assessing operations and continue working alongside the company management team.

Impact and Realization Phase

Phase four allows for a reassessment of the previously established strategic plan with the use of helpful KPIs and data to fully evaluate next best steps. IFG will remain available to support management in assessing operations and continued implementation of the initiative portfolio.

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