Behind the Scenes: A Flyover of the Mass Timber Manufacturing Process

The line consists of three automated feeding systems, Opti-Feed 6000 Vack, an Opti-Kap 35103 cross-cut saw, a horizontal finger-jointer type Opti-Joint H200 for short-lengths, a horizontal finger-jointer type Opti-Joint H-L for long-length lamellas as well as an automated stacking system, Opti-Stack 9000 by System TM.

After the finger jointing line, Kallesoe Machinery takes over the further process with a lay-up, handling, and press system. The press system consists of nothing less than three presses, which together ensure CLT of the very highest quality and fastest production time.

This state-of-the-art line for CLT panel and beam production shows in an impressive manner how a modern CLT production solution could be set up by the two HOMAG subsidiaries. This flagship line at LOC Holz in Austria has been customized to fit the customer’s needs and wishes. It can reach a production volume of up to 75.000 m3/year when in full operation.

System TM is specialized in customized timber processing systems – such as automated feeding machines, high-speed cross-cut saws, automated stacking machines, as well as long- and short-length finger-jointers – and expert regarding timber utilization and optimization to reach the best possible quality lengths for CLT production. A seamless integration of all machines with Kallesoe Machinery’s press systems ensures a smooth production process. Kallesoe Machinery is the leading industry expert for custom press solutions. The company’s state-of-the-art high-frequency presses combine flexibility and cost efficiency for top-of-the-line CLT and GLT production.

About System TM

System TM is a global leader of highly-advanced automated handling systems to the solid wood industry. At System TM, we are experts at optimizing your staff and wood resources. System TM offers a wide range of intelligent, automated handling systems, designed and developed to increase your machine capacity and efficiency, as well as reduce your labor costs significantly.

System TM is a total supplier and offers you everything from production line design and development, installation and staff training, to service and maintenance. We meet all types of customer-specific needs. As a result, our material handling systems are available as standard system solutions and fully customized solutions.

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About Kallesoe Machinery 

The goal of Kallesoe Machinery is to provide our customers with maximum machine performance and a superior return on their investment. Based on your business challenges, we analyze your production requirements and provide efficient and optimizing machine solutions for the wood industries. With sales partners and a worldwide service, Kallesoe Machinery guarantees service of production lines to companies of all sizes all over the world. Kallesoe Machinery is a part of HOMAG under the division Solid Wood Processing.

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