IFG Asset Management Forms Strategic Partnership with Boundless Impact Research & Analytics

IFG Asset Management is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic partnership with Boundless Impact Research & Analytics. Boundless Impact Research & Analytics is a market intelligence and analytics firm that provides quantitative and evidence-based research and data for investors, companies, and funds.

“IFG is excited to partner with Boundless Impact Research & Analytics,” says Eric Edwards, Managing Partner at IFG Asset Management. “IFG is committed to advancing the bioeconomy with a focus on clean energy, specialty chemicals, sustainable building materials, and other disruptive technologies that contribute to decarbonizing the environment.  Boundless Impact Research & Analytics is a trusted partner with a track record of producing evidence-based research to assess the true environmental impact of emerging technologies.  Through this partnership, IFG will strengthen our ability to deliver on our commitment to support innovation, sustainability, and the preservation of our planet’s natural resources through our impact-focused advisory and investment activities.”

Michele Demers, Founder and CEO of Boundless Impact, states: “Given IFG’s reputation as an investor and catalyst for investments in the bioeconomy, Boundless believes this partnership will drive more capital into more promising cleantech companies. We are excited to see where this takes us.”

About IFG Asset Management

IFG is a boutique Investment Banking Advisory, Merchant Banking, and Asset Management platform with a focus on the private Real Assets sector including agribusiness, energy, infrastructure, building materials, natural resources, and other strategically important sectors. IFG’s Investment Banking Advisory practice provides creative advisory and business consulting solutions, underpinned by deep experience and industry specialization. Their capabilities in merchant banking have the firm serving as both a trusted financial advisor and direct investor, resulting in stronger alignment of interests and long-term value-add; while their asset management business is focused on private investment opportunities in the broad real assets sector. The Firms stands at the nexus of entrepreneurial management teams, proprietary investment opportunities, and sophisticated private investors.

For more information about IFG Asset Management, please visit www.ifgcap.com

To connect directly with Eric Edwards, Managing Partner, please email eedwards@ifgcap.com

About Boundless Impact

Boundless Impact Research & Analytics is a market intelligence and analytics firm that provides quantitative and evidence-based research and data for our investors, companies, and funds.

For more information about Boundless Impact, please visit https://www.boundlessimpact.net/

To connect directly with Boundless Impact Research & Analytics, please email mdemers@boundlessimpact.net

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