IFG Asset Management is Pleased to Attend Carbon Negative Conference 2.0 hosted by Credit Suisse

The Carbon Negative Conference 2.0, hosted by Credit Suisse, will include the Credit Suisse Equity Capital Markets & Investment Banking teams for a series of panel discussions and investor meetings with leading carbon negative companies and executives. The conference will give participants a chance to hear first-hand how this asset class is helping to solve the world’s biggest challenge – climate change. The conference will showcase companies within direct air carbon capture, carbon utilization, carbon mineralization as well as technology, carbon credits, and negative fuels.

IFG is committed to supporting innovation, sustainability, and the preservation of our planet’s natural resources through our impact-focused advisory and investment activities.  IFG’s sector expertise in food and agribusiness, infrastructure, and natural resources directly correlate to carbon sequestration, decarbonization, and net zero goals.

We look forward to connecting with other industry professionals who share our goal of achieving a net zero future.

Please reach out to schedule a one-on-one to learn more about our industry-focused approach to advisory engagements and our proprietary investment programs.

To learn more about the Carbon Negative Conference 2.0 visit: https://www.credit-suisse.com/microsites/americas/carbon-negative-conference/en.html

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